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logo 6x6I started my love affair with senior dogs while fostering 13 year old Maggie. Although we only had Maggie for 9 months, the joy we received watching her enjoying life was immeasurable. Thus Team Golden Oldies began, adopting senior dogs and giving them a safe and loving forever home to see out their days.

I feel truly blessed to provide them with adventures but also opportunities to give and receive love in all its various forms. It is my hope that the Team Golden Oldies will encourage people to adopt senior dogs. When a senior dog enters your life love is not measured in quantity but quality. Yes their time with you might be limited but the unconditional love they give you is not.

If just one senior dog is adopted because of Team Golden Oldies then they would have made a real difference in this world and their legacy will live on well after their passing. It is indeed very true that saving one dog will not change the world but surely for that one dog, the world is changed forever.

Lisa Domeny


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