TGO Fan Club

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South West Rocks Pre-School donation-GRR
TGO Visits South West Rocks Pre-School TGO Donates Book Royalties
Colleen Bacon + Murphy jax
 Murphy gets inspired by Winnie
Jax is helping Winnie share the love
sophie jared
Sophie joins the Winnie Fan Club Winnie’s best friend Jared
princess Phoenix
Princess needs a cart too! Phoenix sharing the love with Miko
Sir Walter and Max tucker
Sir Walter and Max sharing their books  Tucker and Skipper reading Winnie’s book
Jezebel woofus
Jezebel, loving Winnie’s book Pet therapy dog Woofus reading
bailey Barley
Bailey and Maggie check out the new book Barley gets into reading mode
matilda comet
Matilda admires Winnie’s photos Comet and Monty with noses in the book
yogi lester
Yogi gets into reading mode
Lester and Kim’s bedtime story
tucker2 Miss Corona Sue
Lynn shares Winnie at Admiral Middle School Miss Corona Sue loves her new book